It Was Mother


Welcome to It Was Mother. It's amazing what happens when light strikes the eye. More amazing is what it does to the heart. Keeping it perfectly arrested at 24 beats per second yet remarkably alive to witness a form of Mirror Mirror on The Wall. When the persistent image becomes more than just a story, she appears—welcomed or unwelcomed—not on the cinema screen but as a reflection inside a boy's heart.

If she sees a prince in the boy's heart, she will reflect the sun's light—reassuring, pleasant and warm—back into his nature. If she sees, a king however, she will by necessity reflect the glare of Venus. Light of the demon, vivid day and night and unrestrained to shine with great nerve—truth without warmth. Dimensionalizing the boy by filling ambiguous and oftentimes conflicting feelings back into his nature for him to resolve. Stirring the boy onward and forward as a king to explore the fevered depths of his fantastically unstable condition while the prince stays secure in his impregnable castle.

The boy doesn't reach his heart first, even though it's closer and nearer to him than the screen. Cinema, like the horizon, is never truly attainable but the journey towards it never makes fools out of those who try. A lesson all young boys are scheduled to learn if her sudden reflection is welcomed with a just touch of courage.

-February 15th 2016

Wayras Olivier

It Was Mother